Infra Support AG

Infra Support AG

We have several projects underway for Infra Support. We develop mobile apps for them and are in the process of implementing an IoT ecosystem.

Parking App

Parking spaces can be rented by employees. With the increase of home offices and part-time employees, these parking spaces are never fully utilised. This gave rise to the idea of sharing parking spaces and thus the costs, which makes it possible to offer employees more parking options. For this purpose, we have developed a mobile app in which employees can register and offer their parking spaces for rent or rent them.

Laundry Room Reservation App

For rental flats in Winterthur we developed a mobile app for reserving laundry rooms. Tenants can enter their desired days and times in the calendar and these will be shown to the other tenants as occupied. This way, the laundry room is used efficiently without time conflicts among the tenants.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With an IS21 device via LoRaWAN, we can secure the data flow between IoT devices and the server and mobile app. For this, we wrote the software for the device and the LoRaWAN connection and developed the mobile app.

The device has the following functions and interfaces:

  • STM32WL Micro Processor (with ARM Cortex M0+, ARM Cortex M4 as well as LoRaWAN radio part).
  • 4 electronic relays
  • 4 current measurements
  • LED green and LED red/green/blue
  • LoRaWAN antenna infrastructure
  • Bluetooth 5 module (optional)
  • Additional GPIO
  • SPI bus
  • UART
  • i2C bus
  • EEPROM with NFC antenna
  • Motion sensor
  • Infrastructure:
    • Battery power
    • USB-C for power and programming
    • Bus connector
21. September 2021