Team Interview – Gian-Luca Blumer

Team Interview – Gian-Luca Blumer

Gian-Luca Blumer is currently a student in Business Informatics with experience in the banking sector and project area. He spent half a year in South America where he volunteered and learned Spanish along the way. In his spare time, he spends a lot of time doing sports such as wakeboarding, climbing, tennis or even bungee-jumping. Personal development is also very important to him, and thus he spends a lot of time reading.

You are one of our most recent members, what made you join us? Would you say it was a good decision?

When I was in the early months of my studies, I absolutely wanted to implement in practice what I had learned. I immediately noticed the offering of Studentlab. Studentlab gave me the opportunity to apply what I had learned and taught me technical and commercial knowledge, which I would not have learned the same way during my studies. So, in the end, it was clearly a good decision.

How would you describe the atmosphere in Studentlab?

The atmosphere in the team is very good. There is a good mix of collegiality and professionalism. What I like most about the atmosphere is the mutual support. This way there is always someone who helps you out when you are under time pressure and there is generally a good exchange of skills and experience, which also allows you to try out new fields of activity.

What do you hope to learn during his time with us?

During my time at Studentlab, I hope to continue my professional development. During my year here, I’ve already learned a lot about the IT business world: from order acceptance, project planning, to execution. Here I also realized how much effort/planning is involved in a project and what factors you have to pay attention to. I would like to collect several of these experiences and I also hope to specialize in a certain area of IT.

Where do you see yourself in our organization in a year?

If I was a clairvoyant I would not be in computer science (joke), but I would like to be able to independently carry out a project and to be able to specialize in a field. In addition, I hope, due to the experience gained so far, to be able to give Studentlab as well as our customers a certain own input in future projects.

What has been your biggest challenge with us so far?

Basically, everything was a bit new to me at the beginning, because I did not originally come from the IT area. My biggest challenge was always to understand, in new projects, how they are handled and executed in the IT and everything that has to be considered. However, I learn with every new job and experience. In addition, the already mentioned working atmosphere helps, because in many areas I can benefit from the know-how of my colleagues.
My next challenge will be to assume the role of the project manager of an internal project. Above all, I see the challenge in the organization and the compliance to deadlines.

Fun Fact: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned this week?

Last week I was wakeboarding. When we already were at a certain speed, suddenly a flying duck hissed by about 5 meters next to me. I was surprised at how fast these things are.